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I.B.C.s at Gates

Grace Dywer

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 The school has many I.B.C.s or “interest based clubs.” It can be hard to know what club is best for you. I went around the school and into some clubs to get you some information.

The first club I went in was the girl’s basketball club. That club is supervised by Mrs. O’Malley. I walked in to see girls on two sides of the court doing lay ups. It looked like they were doing a competition to see which side could get the most points. But after 5-7 minutes they swapped sides. When one girl got a point the whole side cheered for her. All the girls were having a good time.

Something people do in the I.B.C. club time is not an I.B.C. Peer leader’s is what these people do in that time.  I interviewed Lily Grazioso to get my information. I asked Lucy Minich what she thinks about Peer Leader. “I think peer leading is a good idea because people find it a lot easier to talk to someone your own age when you need help.”  In Peer Leader’s you get to learn about cyber bullying and how to prevent it. She likes being a peer leader. She thinks it will help people. If you are chosen, you should do it.

Coloring book club was the next club I went to. Ms. Wilson runs it. When I walked in, people looked at me and then when back to coloring. I looked at some of the drawings; they were so pretty.  I thought it was interesting that only girls were in the one I walked in. The girl were coloring and chatting up a storm. With all the girls,  they took up all but one table. That table was for the teacher. They were having a grand time. The room was A103 if you are interested.

The next room I went in was Miss Warwick’s room.  The I.B.C. was stage Makeup. The room number is B308. I interviewed Kelsey Knapp. She likes her I.B.C. because she gets to do all different types of makeup. Plus she get to be with her friends. She said, “I like my club, and I would recommend it to others.” Plus It is good for those starting out with makeup and people interested in the theater.

The next I.B.C was Baking. I walked in and asked if any of them were done. Five girls walked up to me. So I started to interview Ava Sprung, Maddy Bullman, Valerie Cavanaugh, Tessa Burgess, and Lauren Chiasson.  All the girl like their club. They like baking and hanging out with friends. Their favorite part is eating what they make. They would recommend this club to others. The girls think it is a good thing that it is a 8th grader only baking club. I asked them to describe their club in one word.  Ava Sprung said ”interactive.”  Maddy Bullman said ”special.”   Valerie Cavanaugh said, ”Fooooood.” Tessa Burgess said, ”Interactive.” Lauren Chiasson said, “                                      Yummy.”

Last but not least there is Study I.B.C. I interviewed Steph Livingstone and Ava Mclaughlin. First I asked Steph why she chose study and she said, “I like to study.”  She would recommend it to all her friends.  Then I asked Ava why she chose study, and she said, ”It is fun to do.” To describe it in one word she said, “Productive.”

All the clubs I visited were fun to watch, and I’m guessing fun to do. So if you don’t know what you are going to do for your next I.B.C try one of these.

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I.B.C.s at Gates