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Need for an Earthquake Evacuation Plan?

Patrick Hurley, Miles Jones, and Dillon Sullivan

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Recently in science we discussed  having an earthquake emergency plan. We had a debate in class, and most of the 7th graders sided with yes, we need an earthquake evacuation plan. This brings up a question, should we develop one? We already have the outline of one here in Massachusetts. But should we also further develop that plan?

Scientists said Massachusetts is due for a big earthquake sometime in the future. As stated on the, Plymouth County is rated 3rd most in chances for a big earthquake in Massachusetts. We decided to talk to the 7th grade science teachers and students. Here are their comments on this discussion.We first interviewed Mr.Gross about his thoughts on the matter.

Mr.Gross does not think Massachusetts needs an emergency plan. He said “No the M.B.T.A (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) is in debt there would is no extra money they could use to reinforce the tunnels in Boston.”

According to Ms. Guiney, “We should have an earthquake plan because there are places that could be severely damaged like backwater bays. Also, the ground here is not meant for earthquakes, so after a few earthquakes the ground would become unstable and some building would sink.¨

Also, we asked Ms. Chambers, she sided with needing an earthquake plan. The two out of three science teachers we asked said yes we need a earthquake plan for various safety reasons. Vote on the poll to the right.

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Need for an Earthquake Evacuation Plan?